WinMend Auto Shutdown

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WinMend Auto Shutdown is a free tool that will shut down your Windows PC at a scheduled time. It can also place your PC in hibernation or standby mode, or log you off when it’s unattended. You can use Scheduled Tasks to do all that in Windows, but it’s a complex and time-consuming process. That’s where Auto Shutdown shines: it’s easy enough for anyone to use.

WinMend Auto Shutdown normally runs in the background; clicking the program’s system tray icon let us show the main view as well as restart or shut down our PC immediately. The program’s brightly colored interface is efficiently configured for the task, with a brief description of what it does and a current date and time display above sections labeled Task and Time. In Task, check boxes let us select Shut down, Log off, Sleep, and Hibernate commands. The Time section offered selections for Daily operation, with a spinner for hours, minutes, and seconds; Specified date and time, which adds a scrolling pop-up calendar view; and From now, which counts down in hours and minutes. We started by selecting Shut down and Daily and setting the time for a minute later. After a minute, a 30-second countdown popped up with an eye-catching flasher icon and a Cancel button; in 30 seconds and following a few more notifications, our PC shut itself down. We ran the process again, only this time we clicked Cancel, which ended the countdown and prompted us to verify the command. The other commands worked equally well. The main interface has two extra tabs, Our Products and About Us; the former listed shareware and freeware products, and the latter linked to the developer via Web and e-mail.

If you don’t like using the Windows Task Scheduler but want to schedule an automatic shutdown or other system commands, WinMend’s free tool can do the deed for you: all you have to do is tell it when and how.

License: Free

Limitations: No limitations

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