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Telcos Must Implement New SHAKEN/STIR Protocol By 6/30/2021; Using COVID-19 To Celebrate Death Of Net Neutrality; + more - - Wed, 01 Apr 2020

FCC tells US telcos to implement new SHAKEN/STIR protocol caller ID authentication by June 30, 2021 to combat robocalls
Tone Deaf: Using COVID-19 As A Prop To Celebrate The Death Of Net Neutrality
New 'Dashboard' illustrates how US cable networks are coping during COVID-19 crisis
Comcast waiving data caps hasn t hurt its network - why not make it permanent?
Trump to hold call with U.S. internet, mobile phone providers
FCC Relaxes High-Cost USF Rules to Fight COVID-19
Wednesday promises plenty of 5G fireworks: T-Mobile/Sprint expected to announce official close of their merger, FCC expected to outline plan to release the 6GHz spectrum band for unlicensed use
AT&T s 39GHz spectrum win sets stage for national 3Gbps 5G service
The best VoIP services for 2020
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How Congress, FCC Can Help Students Without Broadband Access; ISPs Need To Just Kill Data Caps Already; + more news - - Tue, 31 Mar 2020

How Congress and the FCC Can Help Students Without Broadband Access
ISPs Need to Just Kill Data Caps Already
Comcast details what the coronavirus has done to network traffic
Internet Pioneer Vint Cerf Tests Positive For Covid-19
5G chews up twice as much data as 4G
AT&T Boosting Hotspot Data for Customers
Saudi Arabia may be spying on its citizens via US mobile networks
Personal details for the entire country of Georgia published online in a hacker forum over the weekend
Valve changing Steam auto-updates to help bandwidth during coronavirus pandemic
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OneWeb Declares Bankruptcy And SpaceX Might Be Next; US Telecoms Seek Major Temp Dereg Help From FCC; + more news - - Mon, 30 Mar 2020

OneWeb reportedly heads into bankruptcy and SpaceX might be next
USTelecom Seeks Major Temporary Dereg Help from FCC
UK broadband providers lift data caps during coronavirus crisis
Big Tech's response to COVID-19 may have paused the tech backlash that dominated the coverage of companies like Facebook and Amazon over the past 3+ years
PSA: T-Mobile s $15 plan is totally capped, a not so Uncarrier move
Court issues injunctions on VoIP systems that facilitated robocalls across US
Verizon customers making 800 million calls a day now - double the amount on Mother's Day
Microsoft's telco ambitions still unclear after Affirmed purchase
iPhone location data used by US government to track coronavirus spread
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5G Deploying Faster Than 4G; Controversial New Map May Finally Bring Broadband To Everyone In America; + more news - - Fri, 27 Mar 2020

5G Deploying Faster Than 4G
How a controversial new broadband map may finally bring fast internet to everyone in America
Maine hopes new law will improve rural broadband access
10G Capability for Cable Broadband Inches Closer as DOCSIS 4.0 Specification Published
Disney Plus Downloaded 5M Times in 1st Day of Euro Rollout
Major UK ISPs Pause Orders for Ultrafast Broadband Services
AT&T, Cricket offer stupid cheap $15 2GB plans, bonus data for prepaid customers
SlingTV Launches Free 14-Day Quarantine Offer
JR Shaw, Shaw Communications founder, dies at 85
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Verizon, AT&T & Others Mobilize To Fight Virus; How To Get Verizon, AT&T Data-Cap Fees Waived For Pandemic; + more news - - Thu, 26 Mar 2020

Verizon, AT&T and others mobilize to fight a virus hitting close to home
How to get Verizon and AT&T data-cap fees waived during the pandemic
Comcast, Verizon, and Plex roll out free offers for those stuck at home
Charter extends free broadband and Wi-Fi offer to K-12 teachers and college professors
Keeping Critical Connections Act Would Provide $2 Billion for Rural Broadband Providers
FCC Extends Net Neutrality Comment Deadline
AT&T TV NOW Subscribers Will Get Free Premium Channels Through April
Apple is weighing a delay of the launch of the iPhone 12 by months over fears of low sales and supply chain constraints amid the coronavirus pandemic
T-Mobile Now Lets Customers Use Apple Pay to Pay Bills Online and in App
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O2 UK Ends Long Relationship with Carphone Warehouse - Wed, 01 Apr 2020

Mobile operator O2 UK (Telefonica) has officially cut its commercial ties to the Carphone Warehouse (Dixons Carphone) after two decades of working together. The two had been in the process of negotiating terms for a future contract renewal but have been unable to reach an agreement. The failure to reach a deal is being seen […]

COVID-19 – Openreach See Daytime Traffic Jump to 51 PetaBytes - Wed, 01 Apr 2020

Openreach (BT) has revealed that daily UK daytime (9am to 5pm) data consumption on their national data and broadband network has surged since the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) lockdown began, jumping from 28PB (PetaBytes) on Monday 2nd March to 51PB on Monday 30th March. Naturally the figures for data traffic across Openreach’s national network (business and consumers) […]

COVID-19 – ISP Zzoomm in Free Upgrade to 900Mbps Broadband - Wed, 01 Apr 2020

UK ISP Zzoomm has announced that, in response to the crisis caused by COVID-19 (Coronavirus), customers of their new Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) broadband network will all be given a free upgrade to their 900Mbps (average speed) package, which normally costs £89 per month. The free boost to 900Mbps is set to remain through April, May and […]

PHOTOS: Fluorescent turtle embryo wins forty-fifth annual Nikon Small World Competition - Mon, 21 Oct 2019

PHOTOS: Fluorescent turtle embryo wins forty-fifth annual Nikon Small World CompetitionThe winners of the 45th annual competition showcase a spectacular blend of science and artistry under the microscope.

7 tax scams to watch out for this year - Sun, 07 Apr 2019

7 tax scams to watch out for this yearIn case wringing your hands over the tax man weren’t enough, criminals are out there trying to swipe your hard-earned cash and personal information from right under your nose.

Mother Angry After School's Robocall Keeps Mispronouncing Daughter's Name As A Racial Slur - Thu, 02 Nov 2017

Mother Angry After School's Robocall Keeps Mispronouncing Daughter's Name As A Racial SlurThe daughter's name is Nicarri.