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Friday Morning Links - - Fri, 15 Feb 2019

White House and FCC announce big, broken solutions to America's pitiful broadband
America's fight with Huawei is messing with the world's 5G plans
Google Fiber: A Timeline of the Good, the Bad & the Ugly
Veteran consolidation critic Rep. Anna Eshoo (D-Calif.) joins almost a dozen other House members in support of the merger of T-Mobile and Sprint
Truth in Cable Billing Bills introduced - Would require cable, internet and phone providers to include all charges in advertised prices, and provides remedies for wrongful charges
Verizon is releasing a new app next month to fight robocalls
Following AT&T s 5GE marketing controversy, another carrier is making a similar move with 4.5G
RootMetrics: T-Mobile now overall third-best carrier, pushing Sprint to fourth
Why the future of satellite internet might be decided in rural Alaska
Carriers earn higher marks on purchase experience as customer satisfaction with the wireless purchase experience has increased across all sales channels
Samsung to open stores in LA, Houston, and Long Island on February 20, the first US retail stores to be operated by the company
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Thursday Morning Links - Valentines Edition - - Thu, 14 Feb 2019

Apple aims for April launch of TV service with CBS, Viacom and Starz
Government Wlwatchdog GAO recommends a comprehensive federal Internet privacy law
More people in the US lack broadband than the entire population of New York
Sprint and T-Mobile make merger case to House committee, pledging to take on cable companies and accelerate 5G
American Broadband Initiative Taps Multiple Federal Agencies to Promote Broadband Deployment
With the National Broadband Map Under Attack, Eight States Will Help NTIA Update the Data
Dish Undaunted About Wireless Plans
Sling TV pads its lead in the in the bloody virtual MVPD war, adds 50K subscribers in Q4
Cable and satellite TV companies need a miracle to save them from cord-cutting
FCC chairman threatens 'regulatory intervention' if telecoms don't combat robocalls by 2020
Researchers find a way to run malicious code on Intel-based systems using the SGX feature, preventing antivirus software from identifying or analyzing malware
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Wednesday Morning Links - - Wed, 13 Feb 2019

Zero Rating Actually Costs Broadband Customers More, EU Study Finds
AT&T 5G Markets Will Grow to Include Minneapolis and Chicago, Initial Markets are Seeing 400 Mbps Speeds
Why Verizon Is Seeking Grassroots Support for Its 5G Buildout
T-Mobile's Legere: We Are the Un-Cable, Too
Public Knowledge to Hill: T-Mobile/Sprint is Presumptively Illegal
Latest RootMetrics network report names Verizon best nationally for the 11th consecutive time, 10th straight for fastest network
Some customers getting 200Mbps or more on AT&T 5G millimeter wave network
T-Mobile CEO to Congress: We Won t Use Huawei Equipment After Sprint Acquisition
Streaming Alternatives Are Cannibalizing Traditional Pay TV
Senate Democrats urge regulators to put kibosh on T-Mobile-Sprint merger
Bell Canada asks Canadians for permission to harvest and sell their browsing, location, viewing and other data
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Tuesday Morning Links - - Tue, 12 Feb 2019

Enough of the 5G Hype
Verizon wants you to pitch 5G to local officials - The carrier is sponsoring a website called Let's 5G!, and has even drafted the letter for you to sign
Verizon re-affirmed that it will shut down its CDMA 3G network at the end of this year for all but some enterprise customers who will keep 3G service for a few more years
Pennsylvania s Attorney General is suing Verizon, saying the company failed to deliver promised incentive items to consumers who enrolled in certain two-year contracts with the company
T-Mobile sees big opportunity to be OTT video distributor and service hub for a la carte streaming, not just a source for traditional pay TV
T-Mobile covering more Verizon switchers with $650
Shocking: Carriers not forced to abide net neutrality rules tend to raise data prices, not lower them
AT&T deploys (actual) mobile 5G network at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, TX (Dallas Cowboys home stadium)
The headline-grabbing subscriber loss number for AT&T DirecTV is misleading due to the ending of promos, and the majority of subscriber loss was of low-value, promo-hopping customers that AT&T does not want anyway
Amazon announces it's acquiring mesh WiFi company eero to make it easier for customers to set up and connect their smart home devices
Google Fi SIM cards can now be purchased at Best Buy
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Monday Morning Links - - Mon, 11 Feb 2019

Bill proposed in Texas would make it illegal for Verizon and other carriers to throttle data speeds in disaster areas
Good enough 5G fixed-wireless broadband could change everything, but it might be to 5G what Betamax was to VHS
SpaceX now seeking FCC permission to operate up to a million earth stations that get users online via their Starlink broadband satellites
Arkansas congressional committee repeals state's prohibition on municipal broadband
5G Wars Heat Up as Sprint Sues AT&T Over Fake 5G
Subscription on Demand (SVOD) streaming services are headed for a battle royale in the next year
Verizon prepares for 3.5 GHz tests in Boston, Phoenix
President Trump expected to sign executive order banning Chinese network equipment
MGM's pay TV channel Epix launches Epix Now, a $5.99/month streaming service, available on iOS, Apple TV and Android, says it is coming to Roku and Fire TV soon
Get a free Apple TV 4K when you order AT&T's Fiber Internet service
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Spend £5bn of Public Money on Full Fibre Broadband? Yeah No Probs - Mon, 18 Feb 2019

binary pound gbp money uk
The latest online survey of 2,110 readers has found that 65.9% of UK respondents think spending up to £5bn of taxpayers money to ensure nationwide coverage of “full fibre” (FTTP) broadband by 2033 is a better bet than putting the same money toward public services. But most people expect a long wait. The survey, […]

Government Sets Out Strategic Priorities for UK Broadband and Mobile - Fri, 15 Feb 2019

united kingdom binary map broadband telecoms
The Government has today set out its first ever Statement of Strategic Priorities (SSP) for UK mobile and broadband services, which requires Ofcom to reflect in their work the need to build “world-class digital infrastructure“, look at mobile roaming in rural areas and tackle the so-called “loyalty penalty” etc. The new SSP, which is a […]

Open Fibre Networks Grows UK FTTH Cover to 40,294 Premises - Fri, 15 Feb 2019

open fibre networks ltd (ofnl) logo uk isp ftth ifnl
A new estimate has suggested that Open Fibre Networks (OFN – formerly IFNL), which deploys Fibre-to-the-Home (FTTH) based ultrafast broadband ISP networks to new build home developments, has grown their network coverage to reach a little over 40,000 premises across the United Kingdom. The open access fibre infrastructure that OFNL builds is usually ordered by […]

Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant duke it out at CES 2018 - Sat, 13 Jan 2018

Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant duke it out at CES 2018CES 2018 had more than its fair share of wacky items and compelling gadgets, but one of the biggest trends to emerge, once again, from the popular tech expo was voice-enabled devices. And, of course, it was all about Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

The weirdest tech of CES 2018 - Fri, 12 Jan 2018

The weirdest tech of CES 2018Here are seven items at CES 2018, some of which address legitimate use cases and some of which may be closer to mad-scientist territory.

Sennheiser co-CEO: Why we're betting on AR and VR with 3-D audio - Fri, 12 Jan 2018

Sennheiser co-CEO: Why we're betting on AR and VR with 3-D audioAt CES 2018, Sennheiser announced two new products that focus on recording or playing back 3-D audio.