Broadband Speed Tests – Is There Any Point?

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Gone are the days when those who have Internet connection at their homes had to suffer congested lines and super-slow connection speeds which are provided by dial-up modem services.

As the demand for higher-speed Internet services has increased, more and more subscribers are switching to broadband Internet – choosing it over the traditional dial-up Internet services.

To have a deeper understanding of the reason behind the high demand of consumers when it comes to broadband Internet services, take a look at its benefits:

1. Broadband Internet allows an individual to free up the phone lines while connecting to the Internet at the same time. If you have a dial-up modem, this is not possible because you will be using the phone line to connect to the Internet – unless you have two separate phone line.

2. With broadband Internet services, you can finish uploading or downloading data at a speedier rate.

3. Browsing through web pages using a broadband Internet connection is much faster.

4. Your online activities will be optimized if you have broadband Internet services, from instant messaging, Internet calling to file sharing.

5. More importantly, broadband Internet is more cost-effective as compared to dial-up Internet services.

Broadband Speed Test: Its Definition and How it Works

If you already have a broadband Internet connection at home, you may have stumbled upon sites which offer free broadband speed tests.

How exactly do broadband speed tests work? Are they accurate? What benefits will you get if you try an online speed checker to determine the speed of your broadband connection?

First, let us define what broadband Internet speed tests actually do. As the name implies, this type of test will help you calculate or determine the speed of your Internet connection.

When you visit a site which offers free broadband Internet speed testing – it works in such a way that when you click on the button to begin the testing – a file will be downloaded from a server.

In some cases, a file will also be uploaded from a server. After the test is finished, the average upload and download speed will be measured. This way, you will know whether your Internet Service Provider or ISP is living up to its promise of giving you a particular broadband Internet speed.

Broadband Speed Test: Does this “Speed Checker” Really Work?

As you can see from the aforementioned explanation, the way that broadband Internet speed tests work is exceedingly simple. As such – there may be instances when the results are not 100% accurate.

For example, if you are from the United Kingdom and you go to a broadband Internet speed test site which is based in the US – the results of the test may vary.

This is why it is recommended that you visit local sites within the UK if you want to determine your broadband Internet speed through online speed checkers.

However, the good thing about these broadband Internet speed tests is that they can be used if you are experiencing a problem with your speed or connection. If the results of the speed test is way off from the download or upload speed that you are expecting from your ISP – then you can call them up to have your Internet connection checked.

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How Important Is A Broadband Speed Test?

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A broadband speed test will determine if your internet is connected at a high speed. High speed internet provides people and businesses a faster method to connect world wide and many people choose to find better internet providers that will provide this service.

Many internet service providers will advertise that they can provide the fastest speed but unless broadband speed tests are done you will never know if you have the right amount of speed to upload or download files.

In order to be online all the time, a high speed connection will need to be used. Dial up modems don’t allow that and you have to wait to connect to the internet. Businesses and individuals requiring access to the internet daily need to rely on the effectiveness of high speed connections. This is a necessity when you are running your own business, especially if it is from your home. Counting on your clients for income requires a fast internet connection that is reliable.

The faster the connection, the better your downloads and uploads will be. Most internet providers think that their clients do not need the allotted speed on a frequent basis. The end result is too many clients who use their solutions all at the same time, making internet connections slower. You will need to do your research and compare several internet providers before you sign the contract with a particular company. Otherwise you could be disappointed as to the amount of internet speed you are working with. This could translate into lost income or an unhappy family.

Over a hundred programs offer broadband speed tests when you sign onto the internet. The cost is for free. A program can detect your connection and decide the speed based from upload and download rates. Use several broadband speed tests using different programs.

If the program that does your speed is slower than what the provider has promised, it may not be the entire fault of the provider. Ineffective processors or too many applications can slow down your computer thus affecting your internet use. When these have been corrected, than a truer picture of your internet connection may be forthcoming.

A broadband speed test is the only way to determine how fast you will be able to connect to the internet. Take advantage of the free tests that can be done on any program used by the correct website. You will be able to determine if you then will need to increase your connecting speed for a more pleasurable internet use.

Article by Cindy Heller.To learn more about broadband speed test, please visit internet broadband provider.

AT&T to Cross the Country at 40Gbps Speed

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On average, the network carries 13.4 petabytes of data traffic

AT&T announced the availability of their coast-to-coast IP/MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) network, able to deliver speeds of up to 40Gbps. The infrastructure is powered by Cisco Systems core routers that allow the provider to quadruple the network capacity.

The backbone network provides 40 Gbps speed without using multiplexing technology to combine multiple digital signals into an optical channel. AT&T’s backbone network is ready to provide a wide range of IT solutions, including wireless data, business video, data and voice services, private line and wavelength traffic, as well as IP-based residential services for the company’s 13.8 million customers.

“As the demand for Internet and IP-based applications continues to explode, IP traffic on the AT&T network has doubled throughout the past two years, and we fully expect this substantial growth to continue in the future”, said John Stankey, group president of Telecom Operations at AT&T. “Our industry-leading deployment of 40-Gigabit technology enables us to stay ahead of our customers’ growing need for bandwidth and to continually deliver the fast, reliable connectivity our customers need to connect with their world.”

The 40 Gbps backbone network is designed to continue the transport even if a network link or node has been disrupted. AT&T has announced that in the following months they will further enhance the network architecture to add homed edge sites, able to provide other network paths through hubs, joined to the MPLS Fast Reroute technology to enable service resume in sub-second times.

The network upgrade is powered by Cisco’s Carrier Routing System (CRS-1), that provides a scalable and flexible platform for the company’s futher expanding network. The current backbone is designed for continuous operation with the ability to be scaled up to 92 Terabits per second (Tbps).

“Cisco and AT&T have worked closely over the past several years to develop an extensive range of IP-based services that change how people live, work, learn and play”, said Kelly Ahuja, vice president and general manager of the core routing business unit at Cisco. “We’re extremely pleased today to announce support for the deployment of AT&T’s OC-768 backbone network, the critical foundation for both its managed business services and consumer traffic.”

Wireless Broadband – Is it safe and secure at home

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To have Internet access at home, there are several connection types that you can use. First, there is the dial-up access where you will utilize your existing landline service to connect to the Internet. The main disadvantage of this type of connection is the slow speed.

Next, there is the mobile broadband connection which is suitable for those who often travel. With this, all you need is to subscribe to a mobile broadband service provider who will give you the equipment to use. For example, if you are given a USB dongle, that is what you will use to have Internet connection even when you are traveling.

Third, there is the more popular broadband Internet connection. This is a high-speed type of connecting to the Internet which allows you to be online on a 24/7 basis. Among the other types, this is probably the most preferred and reliable connection that you can have.

Finally, you can get connected to the Internet via wireless broadband networks. Read on to learn more about the pros and cons of wireless broadband.

Wireless Broadband: The Basics

Wireless broadband service is actually similar to the traditional ADSL or Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line. It is one of the types of broadband available today which aims to provide high-speed Internet access to subscribers.

The distinctive characteristic of wireless broadband is, just as the name implies, you can connect to the Internet over a wireless connection.

To have a deeper understanding of what wireless broadband is all about, here is a quick list of its benefits:

– Wireless broadband offers the same high-speed connection as ADSL. – There is no need for you to have a second phone line. – You can stay connected to the Internet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. – There is more mobility even while you are using your computer within your home – because you will not be restricted by wires.

Is Wireless Broadband Connection Safe to Use at Home?

One of the main concerns that subscribers have when it comes to wireless broadband connection is whether it is safe to have at home or not.

Here are some of the concerns that wireless broadband subscribers have concerning the safety of this type of connection:

– Can hackers actually ‘steal’ your information once they get into your wireless broadband connection? – Can other people within the vicinity tap into your wireless broadband connection without your permission? – Can other users ‘see’ the files on the computer that you are using if they are able to go through your wireless Internet connection?

To answer all of these safety concerns, there are a few things that you can do. First, make sure to enable wireless security on your network. Anyone who wants to access your wireless Internet connection needs a wireless network key.

Second, you should have a firewall installed to protect your computer files. Third, you need to make sure that your anti-virus program, your anti-spyware and all the other programs designed to protect your computer from harm are all updated.

As long as your wireless broadband connection is properly configured and you have the tools to protect your computer from harm – then this type of broadband is a literally ‘wireless’, high-speed, hassle-free and convenient way to connect to the Internet.


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Mobile Broadband – Offers from UK Networks

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Once you start connecting with the rest of the world through the Internet, it seems as if it is quite difficult to stay out of it. When you have no way of going online for a few hours or an entire day, you feel as if you are missing out on something. If you belong to this category, then you might want to try mobile broadband.

How Mobile Broadband Works

Basically, mobile broadband allows an individual to remain connected to the outside world through the Internet – even while traveling. This is possible because mobile broadband is a type of wireless high-speed Internet access via portable modem. Mobile phones and other devices can also be used.

If you have a laptop computer, for example, you will be able to gain connection to the Internet using a USB hardware. With the help of the USB hardware, you can connect to the mobile broadband service provider that you have.

Pros and Cons of Mobile Broadband

Just like any other type of connecting to the Internet, there are pros and cons when using mobile broadband.

First up, here are the advantages of using a mobile broadband network: – Mobile broadband network allows you to have Internet access wherever you go. – You do not even need to carry your laptop with you. As long as you have the USB port and modem, you are good to go. – There is no need for you to look for a landline telephone. – There are several types of equipments that you can use to enable the mobile broadband connection to the Internet: it can be a USB device, a data card or a Bluetooth external dongle.

Next, here are the disadvantages of using a mobile broadband network: – If a lot of people are connected in your location at the same time, it can slow down your connection. There may also be instances when you would not find the proper reception to connect to the Internet.

Mobile Broadband Packages from UK Networks

Because of the convenience of mobile broadband, it has an ever-growing market of subscribers in the UK. If you are looking for a mobile broadband package that will best suit your needs, here are your choices:

1. Modem-only on a monthly contract 2. Pay-as-you-go mobile broadband dongles 3. Mobile broadband and laptop packages 4. Laptop-mobile broadband dongle combinations

More Information about Mobile Broadband Services in the UK

If you are worried about the service getting unreliable – there is no need to worry, because the technology being used by mobile broadband services are improving by the minute.

In major commercial areas, your mobile broadband provider will connect you to a 3G network, which offers better speed and an excellent browsing experience.

To determine which mobile broadband package is suitable for your needs, make a comparison of the rates, features, speed, contract length and usage or download limits.

With mobile broadband, staying disconnected to the rest of the world will be a thing of the past.


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My Broadband TV (mybbtv) to Launch in North America in Second Quarter of 2008

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New York, NY(PRWEB) March 14, 2008 — In a major innovation in media distribution, multicultural households in North America can now choose My Broadband TV, a personalized broadcast television delivery platform that offers a premium television experience via broadband.


"My Broadband TV has been running a pilot for more than a year and a half, to exploit the best delivery system that can be offered to those who truly believe in lean-back comfort," says Daniel Shah of My Broadband TV. "My Broadband TV provides viewers with the hardware to access television programming from around the world and facilitates easy, instant interactivity with the exploding internet Protocol Television (IPTV) market."


My Broadband TV (available online at allows high-speed access via a set-top box, routing television content through a DSL router, cable modem, or wireless LAN with standard video connectors. The service can be used on any public internet or household that is connected to 1mb line. No additional hardware is required, and customers can run PC applications simultaneously.


The set-top box delivers unlimited mainstream and international television channels and radio channels, web browsing, telephony using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) for local and long-distance calling, combined with video conferencing, gaming, secure electronic payment transactions, Video on Demand, Pay-Per-View, and live events. It also serves as a personal digital recorder (DVR), plays CDs and DVDs, allows instant personal messaging and instant chat capability, and has HD Home Theater, music box, electronic program guide, and Now / Next program navigation.


The My Broadband TV set-top box is easily self-installed and inexpensive, subsidized at between $100 and $200, depending on the functionality and the length of commitment. My Broadband TV will serve as the gateway to all the content providers who are looking out for their subscribers across North America, without the restrictions of today’s limited capacity cable and satellite networks. It has the scalable, robust media NOCs in the United States, as well as uplinking facilities for satellite channels in Asia and Europe.


My Broadband TV’s state-of-the-art US and international call centers are staffed with customer service representatives proficient in several languages, operating 24 hours a day. Through the development of web-based remote management systems, technical staff can monitor, manage and control technical equipment at remote head-ends as well as troubleshoot set-top box technical service matters.


"My Broadband TV spells outstanding value for consumers, offering not only state-of-the-art, user-friendly technology, but content delivered in a compelling format at an unbeatable price, billed only for what you select," says Shah. "Its advantages include a lower cost base, a wide choice of content, easy set-up, and better signal quality, which allow us to pass on extraordinary value and service to customers nationwide."

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