Web Tools

Life on the web requires a certain software toolset. While most of these tools are not web development related, they are necessary for anyone who wants to maintain a safe and efficient web experience.

We seek to help webmasters find the best tools for any web development task. Our list of recommended web tools provides beginners a starting place to search. Click on a category below to view our recommendation. Find other suggestions and join the web tool discussion over at our blog.

Search Engines 

Clip.jpg Backlink Checker
Find a list of backlinks linking to a specific website.
Cloaking Checker.gif Cloaking Checker
Cloaking Checker
Google Banned Checker.gif Google Banned Checker
Discover whether a website is banned on Google.
Index Checker.gif Index Checker
Check for the total number of pages of a specific website which are present on search engines.
Keyword Density Checker.gif Keyword Density Checker
Analyze a websites to view the optimum keyword distribution.
Keyword Suggestion.gif Keyword Suggestion
Find related keywords matching your search.
Link Popularity.gif Link Popularity
Retrieve a number of backlinks of a specific website from search engines.
Multi-Rank Checker.gif Multi-Rank Checker
View multiple Google PageRank and Alexa Ranking in bulk.
Search Engine Position.gif Search Engine Position
Check your search engine positions on Google Search Engine.
Spider View.gif Spider View
This tool enables you to view a perpective from a search engine spider.
URL Redirect Checker.gif URL Redirect Checker
Check whether a redirect link is Search Engine Friendly.














 Domain Checkups

Broken Link Checker.gif Broken Link Checker
Use this tool to check for Broken Links on a website.
Domain Availability.gif Domain Availability
Check for available domain names.
Domain Look-up.gif Domain Look-up
Retrieve a range of information about a domain.
Domain Whois.gif Domain Whois
Retrieve a domain whois information.
IP Location.gif IP Location
Locate the country of an IP Address.
Reciprocal Link Checker.gif Reciprocal Link Checker
Check your reciprocal links to see if link partners are still linking back to your site.
Server Status.gif Server Status
Check if a website is online or offline.
Website Speed Test.gif Website Speed Test
Find out how fast a specific webpage loads.
Your Browser Details.gif Your Browser Details
Find out your IP address, hostname and your browser details
Link Extractor.gif Link Extractor
Extract links from a specific web page.
Meta-tags Extractor.gif Meta-tags Extractor
Extract meta-tags information from a web page.
Meta-tags Generator.gif Meta-tags Generator
Generate and configure your meta-tags.